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Top Five Delicious Korean Foods

Korean food is globalizing quickly, and most menus at Korean restaurants outside of Korea are usually filled with galbi, naengmyun, bibimbap, kimchi jjigae and the same dozen other options that everyone knows. Of course they’re delicious korean Foods, but Korean food has so much more than that.

Korean food has become so popular that people from every culture increasingly enjoy these savory, spicy and almost soul-healing dishes. So what are some of these dishes that are so popular universally? Every culture has their own uniquely weird food but also some of the mainstream hits that almost represent as they identify of those cuisines.   Delicious Korean Foods


Beef teriyaki with kicks? Or perhaps is it totally different? My answer to that about bulgogi same category with distinctive differences. Bulgogi is tender, savory, juicy and sometimes grilled. It’s soupier than teriyaki. This popular dish has been one of the most commonly popular dishes universally.


Kimchi has always been the staple of the Korean diet and has recently been making its way around the world recognized globally for its health benefits and its spicy flavoring. Although the basic form of kimchi is made from cabbage and red chili flakes, there are many different variations of kimchi.


Japchae is one of the most popular Korean dishes both inside and outside of Korea and when you taste it you will understand why. Originally japchae was made without noodles it was invented for the King by one of his chefs and he loved it so much that it became famous across Korea.


Gimbap, (seaweed rice in Korean) doesn’t use fish as their main ingredient. It is rice wrapped in seaweed, rolled and cut into small bite size pieces. The inside ingredients vary but popular ones are kimchee, cheese, beef, tuna, spinach and vegetables.

Seafood pancake

This dish is also called Hemul Pajeon. This is probably what represents Korean food appetizers. It’s a thinly fried pancake with vegetables and seafood such as shrimp, squid and oysters.


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