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Super Simple Mexican Arts And Crafts For Kids

Children love keeping themselves busy in various Mexican arts and crafts. Mexican craft activities, are one such way that will be new as well as interesting to them. Introducing children to the Mexican craft activities early, is a perfect way to acquaint them with the culture. These activities are rich in the culture of Mexico.They are traditional, and have been in use for long. Here are a few examples of this art form.

Mexican Yarn Painting

The crafts of Mexico are renowned for bright colors and bold designs, especially the nierika, or sacred yarn paintings, made by the Huichol people. In this project, learn how to do Huichol-inspired yarn paintings, then use the technique to make decorative plaques or to enliven the surfaces of boxes, cards, notebooks, and more. Start with the printed patterns in this project, look for inspiration on the Web or create a design of your own.           Mexican Arts And Crafts For Kids

Mexican Folk Art

The beautiful colors and designs in Mexican folk art makes it a style that begs to be imitated. I made a PowerPoint presentation showing Mexican folk art. I have included the PowerPoint in the supplies list, but it takes a few seconds to load.

Fiesta Flags

Fiesta flags are used on many occasions for decoration in Mexico. The occasion may be a birthday or a wedding. Here is how to make fiesta flags to decorate your school or home.

Mexican Flowers

Mexican Flowers Give each child 3-5 different colored squares of tissue paper and have them set the one on top of another. Shoe the children how to fan fold and then wrap a twist tie around the middle of the fan folded paper. Have each child carefully open his flower by pulling the different colors of paper upwards or downwards to separate each layer

Paper Bag Piñata Craft

A simple brown paper lunch bag gets turned into a festive piñata with steamers cut into a fringe. You can add candy. the teacher gave out each kid a lollipop to take home.


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